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The Magic of Conversational Belief Change
Sleight of Mouth is a powerful tool of persuasion and influence.
  • "Sleight of Mouth" by Robert Dilts, first published in 1999 and now available in 6 languages, is the most popular of Robert's 35 books.
  • The demonstrations, discussions, and practical exercises are designed to help you master the Sleight of Mouth patterns.

Learn how you can use the magic of conversational belief change to help people see things in new ways, thus enriching their maps of the world and generating new possibilities!
Our training is hands-on, with masterful demonstrations, interesting discussions, answers to your questions, and exercises designed to help you master new skills, techniques, and strategies:
  • Develop your communication models and skills.

    Learn new techniques and use them effectively in your work and in your life.
  • Use cutting edge persuasion techniques to influence people with your words.

    Master the 14 'Sleight of Mouth' categories to influence ethically in different situations – and to protect yourself from being manipulated.
  • Work more effectively.

    Use ethical influencing to get results in any field of endeavor, and to bring positive changes into your life.
  • Change limiting beliefs, enrich your model of the world, and discover new possibilities

    Transform your mindset to overcome troublesome obstacles and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.
  • Find the right words at the right time.

    Inspire and motivate yourself and others in your personal and professional life.
  • Realize more of your potential with Sleight of Mouth.

    Rise to a new level, achieve recognition, and go for your dreams.
This training is for psychologists, coaches, trainers, doctors, managers, and businessmen.

And also for husbands and wives, students, parents, and other human beings for whom clear communication and principled persuasion are vital.

Come with me on a journey into the magic of language and explore verbal ways of changing beliefs.
Robert Dilts

Video invitation from Robert Dilts
Okay. Hello, I'm Robert Dilts, and I'm really looking forward to my upcoming program on Sleight of Mouth, which is also known sometimes as the magic of language or conversational belief change, and it's all about how words and language have the power to bring a positive transformation in our lives.

So, I'm really hoping that you will come and join me and learn about how language can be used to make such a big difference in our lives and the lives of others, and really bringing this potential into our lives and into the world, which really needs it now.

I think one of the things we need more than ever now is that realization of how language can be used for better or for worse, how we can understand the patterns that make the difference – we say the difference that makes the difference – and how we can use it in a positive way, and I hope you come and listen in.
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